... no siempre acertaré, pero lo intentaré. No busco ser exhaustiva, sólo añadir una opinión a las muchas que se crean entorno a las cosas que pasan. Algunas de ellas provocan mi comentario al igual que a muchos de vosotros y sobre ello pretendo un toque de atención.

domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

* Realclimate on the Climate Hack

Realclimate on the Climate Hack

Mulling the World From a Bench on Bro ...
New York Times
Gavin Schmidt, the NASA climatologist and indefatigable curator of the blog (photographed above by Keith Myers of The New York Times), has weighed in on the year of attacks, defense and reappraisal that he and dozens of other climate researchers experienced following the unauthorized release of folders containing hundreds of their e-mail exchanges and files last November.
As Schmidt relates on his blog, while the means of extracting the material from the source, the University of East Anglia, remains unclear, it was clear that Realclimate was hacked on November 17. Here’s an excerpt: Read more…

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